Features Coming Soon!
  • How to Choose Your Top

    A video of testing various top materials from raw wood to unbraced plates. Completed instruments will be played to illustrate how the initial tap tones relate to finished guitar sound.

  • Modern vs. Vintage Tone

    An in-depth discussion about Tone comparing the two styles of Voicing. There will be sound samples from vintage instruments as well as modern guitars from both camps to directly compare similarities and differences.

  • Top & Body Woods: How they effect Tone

    Comparison sound samples of how the tone of a guitar changes with the wood choice for the tops and/or the body. Subtle and not so subtle differences in tone quality, clarity, sustain, depth of tone etc. A great way to make a more informed choice with your next build.


    • Making the Birds Beak: Real Time

    • Simple Tooling for Radiusing

    • Heel carving made Easy

    • Hand Engraving pearl inlay