The Oshio D

Over a decade ago a young finger style guitarist in Japan studying under Nakagawa, the premier player at the time, was given Nakagawa’s personal Greven guitar as an expression of honor and achievement for this outstanding guitar student, Oshio was gifted, a prodigy, and now a well established mainstream performer in Japan and points east. He owns eight Greven guitars.

The Oshio model is a dedicated finger picking shallow-bodied dreadnought but with a number of specific details just for Oshio.      It has the engraved pearl eagle headstock inlay. It has the abalone rosette and fancy hand carved neck heel.  Bird fingerboard inlays are one of his favorite patterns.  Herringbone top trim completes the look.  The voice is deep, rich, warm and complex with great clarity and sustain.  You can hear him play two of his D models here and judge for yourself.