Vintage D

The Vintage series are very close replicas of the great guitars of the early to mid-1930's, primarily Martin and Gibson instruments.  If you can’t find or afford the real thing, have one made for you by someone intimately familiar with these vintage gems.   A new “vintage” instrument offers modern stability and easy care the originals generally lack.  Now you can have both the stable structure and the great voice, and in the end it’s all about the voice.


Here is what to expect with this Vintage build:

• Materials and design specifications as close to the originals as possible

• Hide glue construction (LMI white glue optional)

• The Martin repros feature burnished braces tucked as per original top bracing design

• Gibson repros have the old knife style bracing with no tucking

• Light construction, not heavier modern style

• Thin, small maple bridge plates

• Authentic detailing as to inlays and trim both inside and out

• All wood parts are hand made, one at a time to original specifications

• Necks are hand shaped to your preference, no CNC, ever!

• For Brazilian model, the customer can choose from a selection of sets.